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    IT Network Services

    Network Management

    An end-to-end network project is starting with good planning, followed by excellent implementation, and completed by perfect maintenance and support. MIBGATE will be your strongest partner for a seamless network management.

    Network Management

    Nowadays, digitalization is one of the most important issues of the business world and education. Pandemic justifies this fact. Unlimited communication via email, or video conferences without interruptions, the exchange of data and permanent access to the corporate network, regardless of time and place have become indispensable standards. The smooth business processes are possible with only stabil, fast and secure network.

    Are you satisfied with your network performance? Could you not achieve high network performance? Are you sure that your network connection is secure? How can a network be effectively managed and optimized?

    MIBGATE will answer all your questions about your required IT environment.

    You need a new network solution or development of your IT environment. Are the changes in requirements and work processes in your IT infrastructure necessary? After the analysis of your system, MIBGATE can offer you the right technology, from IP-based communication solutions and switching to local area networks (LANs), wireless LANs (WLANs) and wide area networks (WANs), right through to networking your data center and network virtualization, while always guaranteeing secure network access.

    Network Project Management

    In 3 different phases with 6 steps, it is not so complicated for MIBGATE to realize a Network project life cycle.

    Ranging from consultancy to planning, implementing and managing, a network project has different meanings like digitalization, communication, problem solutions in business processes.

    You can take high performance and availability of the networks through continuous monitoring and maintenance.

    Efficient integration of workplaces (clients),

    Minimization of technical risks via redundant internet access,

    High network security through the use of modern network technologies

    Network Types

    Wireless networks are now an important part of any network infrastructure. Employees in the company would like to work with a laptop freely without having to connect via a free network port.

    Guests and customers can access the Internet via the WLAN. Terminals (Laptops, Cellphones, Printers, other WLAN enabled devices) in business process deliver real-time data to various APPs and systems.

    We plan, implement and manage the wireless networks at your locations and rely on tried and tested systems from our powerful partners..

    At the same time, we take over the monitoring of the active components and proactively take care of possible errors.

    For your guests, we provide an entrance for the WLAN system that allows authorized employees to create personalized and time-limited WLAN access.

    Our team can authenticate the devices against your Active Directory (IEEE 802.1x) as an additional service to WLAN encryption, in order to increase the security level of the WLAN. (Prevention of unauthorized devices)

    It always takes administration efforts to manage your LAN. Because The Local Area Network (LAN) is the indispensable backbone of corporate communications. All data transfers between clients and servers or cloud services run over this network.

    MIBGATE can take over the operation of your LAN infrastructure for you in order to reduce your costs.
    We take over the provision and operation of your LAN infrastructure for you and reduce your administration costs. It is very important to manage LAN structures efficiently including many kilometers of cable and hundreds of switches and routers. Performance is everything for business or authorities.

    We ensure that every data transfer (with real-time APPs like video conferences or the large files downloading) should be prioritized and forwarded in a high-performance way without problems.

    MIBGATE plans the necessary communications as well as network infrastructure, provide active components such as routers, access points and core switches, or take over your existing infrastructure and develop it further.

    Moreover, you can decide the IT Strategy correctly with well-prepared documentation.

    Finally, a Network Admission Control (NAC) solution that Mibgate serves, can prevent foreign devices from connecting to your network and thus increases the security level of your network.

    A WAN (Wide Area Network) is a huge network that can be used to connect local networks to each other over long distances. When the WAN functions smoothly, companies can communicate effectively and data flows freely. However, when there are problems with the WAN, productivity and communication with employees, customers and suppliers are affected.

    WAN architecture is becoming more complex year by year. IT experts today are responsible for managing multiple architectures such as Layer 2, Layer 3 and VPNs. More and more applications, systems, device types, security and storage platforms work on the WAN in sync.

    MIBGATE’s WAN service provides support for planning, sizing, building, operating, optimizing and monitoring WAN infrastructures of customers. Our WAN service ensures the greatest possible flexibility, as it can use a wide variety of underlying connection technologies such as ADSL, SDLS, Ethernet or MPLS.

    You can easily reduce your overhead by WAN ideal solutions of MIBGATE.

    Network Maintenance

    MIBGATE make not only end-to-end network project for you, but also in preventing you time consuming and resource allocation. Because maintenance and managing complex IT infrastructures is difficult for companies. The process begins with the quality of the IT equipment and the applications used that is crucial for effective and efficient IT operations. Worries about IT Infrastructure continue with software support. Do operating systems in servers meet regulations or need extra security measures? Are the systems designed according to the required capacities? Do special SLAs need to be met and thus higher levels of resilience implemented? Would a deployment with a Linux operating system be advantageous? What role do virtualization and container virtualization play in setting up modern IT infrastructures?

    We know the answers to your challenges! Together with you, we clarify all open questions in advance and thus ensure error-free maintenance and support.