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    IT Security

    IT Security Check Up

    Is your IT infrastructure secure? Are you ready to prevent the vulnerabilities of your IT systems against increasing attacks? By IT security check up, you can take measures quickly against the interruption in your business operations.

    IT Security Check Up

    A huge data transition in comprehensive IT structures is always necessary. Are you safe? Do you know in detail what the situation in your IT security is? The security of IT infrastructure is top priority for every company. Naturally complex, dynamic and flexible IT systems bring more undetected IT security gaps. These security gaps have a massive impact on your business operations. These cause your business operations to even a complete standstill.

    Every day you hear about another major hacking incident or ransomware attacks. You probably think, “that would never happen to me”, but while networks have become more complex your network security hasn’t changed. You’re left vulnerable to hackers, and with more cyber criminals knocking at your door, you need a plan to make sure they do not enter.

    Today, the establishment of and compliance with IT security policies and standards is essential and indispensable. Which standards actually make your IT more secure? What measures should you take in action? Legal requirements also oblige companies to be extremely careful with their IT security.

    You can ensure the security of your IT in future, thanks to MIBGATE IT Security services that are targeted at vulnerability management, risk management and compliance requirements. Our multi-layered approach protects you from breaches of confidentiality, data loss and destruction, data manipulation and more.

    What do you get with Mibgate IT-Network Security Service?

    Testing of all important parameters of the infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

    Test of your antivirus

    Comprehensive document including weaknesses, risks, cataloging of software and hardware

    Your Achievement

    Stay ahead of potential problems with real-time monitoring.

    Manage risk with timely identification and notification.

    Simplify meeting compliance requirements.

    Minimize damage with quick detection and diagnosis.

    Comprehensive IT security strategy