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    Server & Storage Services

    Cloud Services

    It is possible with Cloud solutions that your data is always accessible. The mobility and flexibility are your gains. MIBGATE offers you the ideal Cloud solution for your data to be securely stored and easily managed.

    Cloud Services

    Permanent availability, mobility and flexibility are critical factors with regards to huge amounts of data for the IT infrastructure of the future. Increasing demands on IT resources and constant upgrading are becoming a major challenge for both small and big companies. Usage of cloud can easily meet your structural changes.

    First Step of Success: Adequate Consultancy

    Cloud consulting brings both elaboration of your requirements in comprehensive analysis and evaluation of relevant cloud types for your needs. At the end, the most suitable and efficient cloud solution is ready for you. Moreover, data protection is the most important topic of our cloud strategy. You should choose the best option to store and manage your critical data securely.

    As a result, our cloud services are followed by the development of a cloud strategy, implementation and operation of the cloud solutions and its long-term further development.

    Suitable Cloud Solutions for Uninterrupted Availability

    Increase your mobility and efficiency with suitable cloud solutions. Mobile and flexible IT environments are possible with cloud products from various providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. MIBGATE support you with cloud services including comprehensive consulting, well-done implementation, operation with 7/24 support. Of course, depending on your requirements, you will decide on the cloud type: private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud.

    Private Cloud is the Individual Cloud Solution for Your Company

    A cloud infrastructure is set up specifically for your needs. All IT resources ranging from storage devices to software, such as VMware and HyperV can be chosen. You also decide whether you want to host and manage the cloud centrally in your own data center or externally through MIBGATE. With a private cloud, we offer you the greatest possible flexibility while maintaining a high level of control in compliance with current data protection regulations.

    Public Cloud is Most Cost-Efficient Type for Your Company

    The public cloud is such a simple and cost-efficient way to your IT infrastructures and applications. You can share an open cloud environment and make it always accessible for your customers regardless of location. Microsoft 365 can be given as an example of the best-known business cloud based products.

    Hybrid Cloud is Sometimes Perfect Match for Your Company

    You use a traditional IT environment and are satisfied with them. But you want to also take advantage of the cloud solutions. Then it means that you need a combination of public and private cloud systems: the hybrid cloud. You can benefit from high flexibility at lower costs. On the other hand, changeable resources or applications can be easily and quickly booked via the public cloud. MIBGATE advise you on the best hybrid cloud environment, bring together private cloud, public cloud and classic IT systems.