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    IT Network Services

    IT Infrastructure

    All your in-house hardware and software run on your IT infrastructure. Working together and effectively depends on the strong IT infrastructure. MIBGATE offers you the IT infrastructure solutions required for an effective Business Process.

    IT Infrastructure

    Modern IT infrastructures, consisting of powerful and secure servers, scalable storage solutions and secure network connections, are at the heart of the IT environment in companies.

    The Individual workstations of the employees are alternatively equipped with computers, docking stations and monitors. They use printers that are connected to the computers via the WLAN or LAN. The backup of all workstations, data transition without interruption play an important role for companies. That is only possible with powerful IT infrastructure. Therefore, a powerful IT environment is possible if your IT strategy is well crafted.

    IT Infrastructure Analysis

    IT Architecture begins with a well-prepared IT strategy. In many companies, the network infrastructure has grown day by day. Many individual parts like a puzzle must be created. The problem is that weak points often arise in such an architecture. Finally, these pose a threat to the entire IT network.

    With a detailed IT architecture analysis, MIBGATE’s experts detect such weak points, identify software and hardware needed for the further development of the IT network and provide you with a detailed document including appropriate recommendations.

    You will acquire a gut vintage point of all available IT products in your company.

    On-site Analysis

    Identification of week points in IT environment

    New IT architectural scheme

    Detailed document including analysis, optimization and needs for further development of IT infrastructure

    We know your challenges. Together with you, we clarify all contradictions and therefore ensure without errors planning and implementation. From consulting to planning and construction to implementation, our experts support in every phase of your project- IT infrastructure.

    System Integration

    The companies have different information technologies. The requirements of these systems become more and more complex. IT infrastructure should behave in consistency. Because integrated IT infrastructure provides you easy manageable, high availability, scalable, productive, and more secure business processes.

    IT system integration deals with, in detail, smooth cooperation of the individual components. Our experts deal also, in detail, with the planning, conceiving, provisioning, configuration, integration and implementing of complex IT system solutions.

    We are a powerful partner in the development of your IT solutions which facilitate the installation of a reliable, flexible and easy to administrate infrastructure.

    Wiring and set up telephone system

    You should prefer a professional communication system to connect your business contacts without interruption. Is Wiring in your building good or need to be changed?

    Which type of telephone system is particularly suitable for the specific needs of your company? You should consider different functionalities that depend on the size of the company and the industry. What type are you looking for? Do you need any classic, conventional or robust telephone system?

    Step by step how you can set up wiring and telephone system;

    Determination of the technical requirements

    Report including advice on the various solutions for wiring and telephone communication

    Selection of best solution that meets your telecommunication requirements

    Implementation of the system

    ISDN has been the standard digital technology in the telephone network for almost 20 years. It was introduced to enable telephony and internet use at the same time. Moreover, in combination with an ISDN telephone system, several phone numbers could be assigned to one connection. However, the target of large telecommunication companies is switching off the ISDN networks by 2022. If you don’t know what alternatives are available, then let MIBGATE advise you.