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    Server & Storage Services


    Virtualization prevents extra costs for your company. With virtualization, your IT systems can be managed and restored easily and show best performance. You can take these advantages with MIBGATE virtualization solutions.


    Improve the performance of your data storages with virtualization solutions.There are 4 different virtualization solutions for you.

    Server Virtualization

    Your server is optimally utilized and can be workable highly flexibly, quickly and securely with server virtualization.

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    Storage Virtualization

    You can create agile storage environments by virtualization and utilize them with full flexibility.

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    App Virtualization

    Application virtualization makes you gain agility as well as accelerate your IT operations.

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    Desktop Virtualization

    Provision of new workstations in seconds is possible by desktop virtualization.

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    Server Virtualization

    If you want to make your data center highly flexible and always available, virtualization is the best option for you. You can significantly increase the utilization of your resources. Thus, that means a decrease in operating costs and administration effort. Moreover, hardware of your virtual machines can be controlled, monitored, and enhanced at any time by your server virtualization client. Planning the modernization of your servers and adjusting the dimensions of your virtualized server environment depend on your needs and this process needs a gut consultancy.

    The Advantages of Server Virtualization

    more effective resource utilization

    increased system availability

    optimized operating costs

    easier maintenance and system administration

    Storage Virtualization

    Smoothly data transition is very crucial for your business. By virtualizing your storage systems, you not only get higher utilization of your existing storages, but also almost fully automated error recovery and increased data security with maximum availability. Storage virtualization also prevents failures of your storage resources by allowing the virtualization software to easily access duplicated secondary storages. The newly added virtualization layer increases your cost efficiency in maintaining and expanding your virtualized storage systems.

    The Advantages of Storage Virtualization

    optimized costs through improved utilization of storage resources

    flexible storage space allocation

    increased availability

    reduction of required storage space through deduplication

    very easy data migration

    Application Virtualization

    Individual applications work isolated from the operating systems in application virtualization. It is so important that individual applications can be always reached by the end devices without any problems. Because the software can be distributed more easily without compatibility problems.

    The Advantages of Application Virtualization

    smooth rollouts thanks to central application management

    efficient setup of mobile workstations

    profitable and simplified license management

    full control and security through application monitoring

    Desktop Virtualization

    The classic workstation is no longer used thanks to centralized desktop virtualization. The operating system and applications are made available to the end user via a minimal, standardized client interface. This provides reduced administration effort and availability of preconfigured desktops. Simple and uncomplicated replacement of hardware are so easy on site. This process keeps you flexible and reduces downtime. Desktop virtualization also increases the level of security through centralized data storage on your servers.

    The Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

    increased hardware independence at the workstation

    optimal maintenance and easy administration

    highest flexibility with short installation times

    reduced downtime due to easy replacement of clients

    As a result, we have good experience in creating server, storage, application, desktop and network virtualization solutions and we can provide you with reliable advice, optimal solutions, best support, from conception to implementation.