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    Backup Management

    You want to smoothly recover company data when needed. You need a good data backup strategy. The loss of data sometimes means the ruin of your company. MIBGATE offers you innovative data backup solutions.

    Backup Management

    Trojans, viruses, malware, cyber-attacks are not new threats for IT systems. Company data is also threatened by fires, storm damage or other catastrophes. You usually have two options. It is whether the data can be read again or is actually lost forever. A data backup strategy is therefore essential. But we know: It is not so easy, especially for non-IT companies, to set up an efficient backup system in order to recover company data when it is needed. A functioning backup management system should be immediately set up.

    You need both a data backup strategy and the type of storage medium. There are three options;

    Data backup on local data storage includes external hard disks or NAS and SAN systems. Local data backup is particularly suitable for backing up large volumes of data. However, the hardware on which data is stored locally must be regularly maintained and updated.

    Cloud Solutions make you send a copy of the data to an external server or data center. The costs are usually calculated on the basis of the required storage capacity or the number of users. The advantages: easily controllable costs and fast data recovery.

    Hybrid backups are so logical. Because of the fact that it works not only with one storage medium, but with three solutions at once - and at different locations.

    Finally, regular backup is so important. It is the only way that prevents you from fatal loss of data when you are affected by unplanned IT failure. The causes for such a failure can be variable. Whether it’s malware, cyber-attacks, or any catastrophe – if your IT infrastructure is under threat, all of your data is also at risk. The loss of data sometimes means the ruin of your company. Production, logistics, sales, the needs of customers or partners can not be met without data.

    MIBGATE will work with you to develop an effective backup strategy for an individual data backup and implement it for you in your company so that you can return to your data daily in full.

    Are you wondering which form of data backup is right for your company? Don’t worry: MIBGATE will provide you the best consultancy.