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    IT Network Services

    IT Procurement

    Technology is developing rapidly. Software and hardware procurement are indispensable for your IT infrastructure. MIBGATE identifies your specific IT equipment and provides necessary and fast procurement solutions to keep your IT systems up to date.

    IT Procurement & Life cycle

    Modern IT infrastructures consist of powerful servers, scalable storage solutions and secure network connections. Also, software and hardware equipment are at the heart of every IT environment and create the technical foundation for all your work processes.

    To ensure that connection of end devices with up-to-date software and the guarantee of data transfer does not become a huge task, a structured and fully comprehensive management of all IT assets in the company is indispensable.

    How many IT assets are currently in the company? How many new ones need you? Replacement of some components is also crucial. Which components of the IT infrastructure need to be replaced? Where are the end devices in use? Who uses the assets and how? Which operating systems and applications are on the end devices? To whom are software licenses assigned? Are updates necessary? We not only focus on the hardware and software equipment of the end devices, but also consider services and the relations of the IT equipment to each other.

    With a complete and detailed view of the IT lifecycle;

    Our experts determine your specific IT requirements and also obtain an overview of your existing IT systems so that you can use this as a basis in order to decide which hardware/software is best suited to your company.

    We support you in the successful management of your IT devices, the associated operating systems and applications. We offer you individual complete solutions from consulting and conception to procurement and operation. In this way, we provide you with information about the performance and continuity of the IT environment.

    Thanks to our partners from manufacturers and suppliers, ordering and delivery are quick and easy.